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At Diet World, we appreciate that everyone is unique and has different goals. This is why our dieticians are here to offer you the professional guidance you need to get long lasting results. During your consultation, your dietician will assess your current weight, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate and other key factors and will also ask specific questions to best evaluate your dietary needs. Using all the data and insight, your dietitian will define the most suitable health goals and develop a proper weight management plan. Your dietitian will then provide you with complete information about our programs which are most suitable for your needs.

Executive Program

The first program called a full package Business Meal Included (breakfast, salad, lunch, Dessert, fruit and drink) for 20 working days (from Sunday to Thursday).

Second program it's called a light package included (Lunch, salad, sweet and drink) for 20 working days (from Sunday to Thursday).

The delivery fees are not included in the above packages (we deliver the box if you are 3 persons in the same place or more)

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Sugar intake should be drastically reduced

“Sugar intake ‘should be halved’,” BBC News reports. The headline is prompted by a government